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Moving Stories Of Moving On

Oct 29 2014

"Shocked" was one of Romano’s reactions to the news that a whirlwind year had resulted in the highest sales figures in the county. Then she smiled at the number of families that got relocated to get on with their lives. 

“You tell me the number, 110 units, and I “There were canyons of garbage and debris, and that was somebody’s life sitting in front of their house. That was heartbreaking. And it was that way for hundreds and hundreds of people. It was their life, and it was loss of innocence, and we had to get past it and feel good about it again. That’s what I tried to do for every family, one family at a time.  In a crisis, you just want to feel like someone is there for you, and that was what it was about. I wanted to help them just make good decisions.” 
Homeowners came into the office at a loss to know what to do next. 

“One, this grown man, just looked at me and said, ‘I don’t know where to begin.’ Later, I got a letter from him that said, ‘I took your checklist,’ that I had put on the back page of The SandPaper, ‘and did it one by one, and that’s what got me through.’”

Romano, as was probably the case with many other Realtors in the area, got involved in ways that varied from finding a crew to help clean out the muck, to seeking legal advocates. 
 “We had a lot of seniors who were displaced. A lot of seniors had reverse mortgages, and I had to team up with attorneys to get them represented, to make sure they would be properly advised. I had quite a few people who were upside-down in their mortgages. 

“There were other seniors with no flood insurance, displaced, no home. I had to take them out to Fawn Lakes and find them a rental.” One older gentleman died before the sale of his damaged house closed. “His son came in, tears were rolling down his face. That was a hard one.” 
For sellers, the aim was to get “the most fair price that they could get for their house, and at the end of the day, they were relieved, and able to move on with their lives.”