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Marion Romano, of the Van Dyk Group

Sep 23 2014
Stafford Township, where tidal surge deluged retirees and families or overtook longtime vacation havens. The devastation forced decision-making amid so many challenges. Buyers and sellers both needed to be reassured and informed of their options one at a time.   
When an owner listed their house for sale, that often-emotional step was only one in a watershed process. At the same time, she was able to help many sellers who wanted to relocate farther from the waterfront, but still stay at the shore.    


“Buyers were scared, sellers were scared, everybody was scared,” she said. “I told them, don’t be scared; let’s get some knowledge and make some good decisions together.”
VanDyk Group Broker/Principal David L. Wyrsch Jr. announced Romano’s distinction last week.
“At our Company Breakfast this past Monday, Jan 27th, we announced that our own Marion Romano sold the most homes in Ocean County in 2013, and by a large margin,” Wyrsch announced. “According to the Jersey Shore MLS, Marion closed 110 transaction sides, and sold just over $25 million in Real Estate for 2013.”
“This speaks to the dedication that Marion has for her job and for her clients,” Wyrsch said of Romano, who also received a 10-year distinguished sales award from the Ocean County Board of Realtors. 

In 2013 the next-closest agent in terms of closings completed 73 transactions; the third stood at 68, and the rest below 50, according to the Jersey Shore MLS figures. 
 “I didn’t track the sales; the office tracks that; for me it’s one client at a time, one family at a time, one problem at a time,” Romano told The SandPaper. 
Some swamped properties were selling for 2001 prices, and the challenge was to get the best price for the buyer. But that doesn’t mean that it was always an easy sell. Some buyers needed to be reassured that the neighborhoods would come out from under the damage. 
 “After Sandy, people just waved a brush and said Ocean County’s not coming back, when nothing could be further from the truth,” she knew. “I told them, ‘just think, four or five years down the road, how fabulous it’s going to be, and what a great opportunity this is.
“This is a great place to live, to raise your family, with great schools – and it’s a diversified area with all different housing options. There is tremendous opportunity here. 
“If you have optimism and you believe in something; it’s contagious,” Romano told the business column. “I adopted this area and I’m passionate about it and protective of it,” the Bergen County native said.