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Two Top Sellers Reflect on Last Year From Two Angles - Van Dyk Group Realty Agents Awarded

May 10 2016

The Van Dyk Group is proud to congratulate Marion Romano on the highest number of closed real estate sales and listings in 2015 within the Ocean County Board of Realtors, according to OCBR figures for individual sales, associates. 

Also, Romano, of the Route 72 Manahawkin office, and Nathan Colmer of the Long Beach Island office, earned the New Jersey Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Awards Platinum Level for 2015. To earn that distinction, an agent must have at least $20 million and 30 units in closed sales or closed listings in the calendar year. 

"As matter of fact, Marion closed more than 100 sales and listings in 2015, more than any other individual salesperson in the Ocean County Board of Realtors," said Jeff Gamble, real estate manager of The Van Dyk Group Manahawkin office. 

Characteristically. modest, Romano told The SandPaper business page that she "had a great year, and really good buyers." "They were very committed to the American dream," Romano said. As what She called a "Middle America mindset," her buyers were saying, "I want a safe place for my family;I want a vacation at the Jersey Shore," and here they can have both, Romano pointed out. 

Many of the popular Realtor's customers come by referral from another satisfied customer. Romano said she treats her clients the same "whether you're buying a trailer or a million dollar house." She did notice that buyers came in for one of two general reasons. "One class is that, 'Ocean County is so affordable,' and another class is, 'I want to give my family the memories that I had as a child.'" Ninety percent of last year's customers were from the North Jersey area, but she also had a few buyers who had moved away to places such as Virginia, and were coming back. 

Buyers came in with a variety of financial situations. With the price of gas low, some commuters were willing to drive to work northward but live here in order to give their families a better life, they said. 

There are even programs through the Federal Housing Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture enabling purchase at no money down for those who qualify. She said it was  rewarding to help returning veterans buy through attractive programs. Of her 100 closed sales as an individual (not as a team), Romano said that instead of thinking of statistics, "I like to think of it as I touched a hundred families." 

On Long Beach Island, Assurance About Insurance 

"It was a good year for me, and 2015 was a very good year for the real estate market here," said Nathan Colmer, the other Platinum Level award winner from The Van Dyk Group. Colmer works from the Long Beach Island office in Beach Haven Terrace and also has business ownership experience in the Beach Haven area. "Sales were definitely up, and prices were higher, on the whole," Colmer said of the home sales market on LBI.  

"Some of that has to do with the nature of homes being sold. After (Superstorm) Sandy, A lot of them are new construction, and a lot of the other homes are renovated and worth considerably more than their predecessor." 

In this post-superstorm climate, flood insurance "is still very much on everyone's mind," Colmer has experienced as another trend. . "I get a lot of questions on that. It's amazing how much of a lack of understanding there is of flood insurance, even 3 1/2 years after Sandy. There is a lot of misinformation out there."  Colmer advises potential buyers to "make sure you have your facts?" He said, "As long as somebody does their proper due diligence and investigates, they'll find that the majority of homes are OK." 

He elaborated, "Many homes, especially after Sandy, have been either built new, which means well above base flood elevation, or they have been raised. Or a lot that were built before Sandy are at or above base flood elevation, even if they are older. For example, a Cape Cod close to the beach may have been built where the ground elevation is high enough." 

Of course,. exceptions apply, he tells clients. And he as the real estate agent can direct them toward making an informed decision. "There are a number of homes below base flood elevation also, and it's important that the buyer and seller are aware of that and take that into account. "I think that in many ways, it's the real estate agent's job to give at least general advice on the elevation of the property and how that will impact their insurance and other factors." 

So, in general, although "people are still concerned about flooding, concerned about flood insurance - I think that's something we'll battle for a long time — people are absolutely still buying. Once they understand the ins and outs of insurance and the potential risks for flooding, I think they realize that it's not quite the Spectre it's purported to be." Other real estate associates were also honored with awards at the gold, silver and bronze levels of achievement. 

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