What Can I Say?
Was she the best sales agent I’ve ever had? Yes
Was she the only sales agent I’ve ever worked with? No, I’ve had a few…
Does she really go above and beyond? 100%+
Can I imagine a better RE Agent? No
What impressed me the most before working with Marion? Her track record, her teamwork, her personal involvement to get things done & her honesty
What impressed me the most after working with Marion?  Her tireless energy, her contacts, her limitless job description and her concern
What do I still value about Marion?: her friendship, her desire to make all parties whole & her ability to always do the right thing
Comment: Marion got my house sold in 6 weeks after I had a 6-month period of nothing, before her, when misguided on how to sell my house.  $25,000 down the drain, I felt defeated…until I met Marion, that is!  She made the skies open up, again, she sent the clouds away & sunshine beamed down on my house!  Prosperity reigned and everything became right in the world, when Marion was the Agent leading the way…Call her now!!!

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